Commercial Servicing

Year round, our highly skilled and expertly trained Pool Technicians are available to provide regular, scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance for pools, plant and equipment. We can tailor a service agreement based on the unique requirements of your facility, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns, and improving the life expectancy of your equipment.

We build valuable relationships with our service and maintenance clients, getting to know their swimming pool and water treatment equipment personally, our knowledge and experience is your peace of mind.

Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is unwavering, we offer a 24-hour help desk, where you will always speak to a Service Manager or Pool Technician who has experience with your pool and its equipment, allowing us to diagnose and resolve issues more efficiently. If required we can install remote monitoring for your systems to allow pool management direct and secure access to your pool control panel. In addition to this, we can provide specialised, ongoing product information and training for staff in pool cleaning and water treatment best practices. To speak with our Service Manager please contact us


Preventative Maintenance

As with most large assets, regular maintenance and repairs at an early stage can avoid larger issues and repair bills in the future. Commercial and Public Pool operation is complex and the systems required to keep users safe and water clean are overwhelming to the untrained. Our preventative maintenance program isn’t just for our regular servicing clients. If you are unsure about an issue your facility is having or just want to have a professional look over any little issues for peace of mind we are the team to call.

Examples of preventative maintenance:

  • Filter media change

  • UV system service

  • Balance tank clean

  • Chemical sensors clean/replacement

  • Heating system service

  • Pump servicing & inspections

  • Replacement old gaskets to stop leaks.

Contact us today to find out more information about developing a preventative maintenance program for your commercial pool or aquatic facility.